We’re an expert integrator of Simplified IT.
Bringing a new approach to an old problem!

Simplified | Automated | Protected
Software Defined | Unified | Optimized
Cloud Enabled | Simplified | Converged
Simplified | Automated | Instant
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Limitless Scalability | Simplified | Software Defined
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The Human Experience by RanTek

Technology, it’s time to listen to humanity. It’s time to put us at the center of your so-called digital transformation.

In today’s digital world, performance is critical and user expectations are higher than ever. If digital services crash, are slow or don’t satisfy user expectations, then customers leave, orders aren’t fulfilled, employee productivity is impacted, projects delayed – all while your business suffers.

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The Challenge

The pressure on IT infrastructure leaders is never-ending. They must address the increased business requirements and the need to deliver higher service levels and new IT-enabled capabilities that help accelerate application delivery, and do so while managing costs and improving readiness.

This has exposed suboptimal IT-operation paradigms (including static and manual provisioning and configuration activities), which increase time-to-delivery services, lower network availability, increase operational expenditures and making it increasingly more difficult to scale the environment.

Seize the opportunities of tomorrow

Imagine if you had an Infrastructure that could help you transform your business, accelerate time to revenue while reducing operational costs and enabling deployment of new services with the speed of light.

All of this can only be achieved if the infrastructure, cross the traditional IT-siloes are Simplified, Automated and Protected.

Together with the Industry leading, Next generation Technology partners and IT orchestration tools, we can help your business improve business agility and provide unmatched operational efficiency.

Bringing a new approach to an old problem

Being an Expert Integrator of Simplified IT means we are constantly screening the market in order to be first to introduce you to something we believe will create meaningful business value and do so while reducing cost and improving readiness.

The Simplified IT solutions we often recommend, sit between the introduction and maturity phases of the market maturity curve. We will always make sure that they have gone through our highly experienced and proven methodology for onboarding new technology. Analysts like Gartner and Forrester speaks highly of them. All solutions have been tested by other customers. For RanTek it is at the utmost importance that all our solutions are early enough in their lifecycle for you to gain competitiveness.

Our Simplified IT solutions already follow future market trends; they are built to seize the opportunities of tomorrow. They are usually solutions that your business hasn’t yet included in its IT architecture planning but only just started to hear about. This is why we’re here to show you a new approach to an old problem.

Technology Partners

RanTek has carefully selected the most competent partners and suppliers.

Together with the unique service concept from RanTek, we deliver the market’s best IT optimization solutions for your business.