Our Approach

We take great pride in seizing the opportunities of tomorrow. Together with our partners and customers we bring a new approach to solve an old problem while creating documented value through significant technical knowledge and sense of business. We always prove the business case before we engage – and that’s what makes us a trusted and respected partner.


About us - RanTek

Why we differentiate

Bringing next generation and game changing technologies to market is our legacy and what differentiate us. Since 1999 we have established considerable experience in adopting new ways of making IT Simplified, Automated and Protected. Being early in the market means we get to see our customers in jaw dropping scenarios when they realize they can achieve new business opportunities whilst saving considerable cost.

RanTek was named as gazelle company 3 years in a row and in 2015 Computerworld elected RanTek as the 5th most selling IT-company in Denmark. Simultaneously, RanTek has placed itself in the top 10% of the best IT-companies in Denmark.

The people

Creating value to both existing and new customers as well as to partners and our own employees is on top of our agenda. We know that people are the most important asset and the very foundation of our success.

We constantly strive to challenge them on their professional and personal development, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

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RanTek aims at being the best and most competent Riverbed reseller and supplier of IT optimization solutions in the Nordic region.

RanTek wants to create market growth by close cooperation with its partners and with leading technology manufacturers.

RanTek wants to be the best consultant across all technology platforms – network, storage, applications and security.


In cooperation with suppliers and partners, RanTek implements effective and reliable IT optimization solutions, and delivers documented value and significant economic savings to customers.

By identifying business opportunities and the development of skills, RanTek delivers value and growth to customers.

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