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Your command center for Application Performance

Applications today are platforms and the building blocks for a digital business and are a necessity to the digital transformation. Every organization will have a certain mix of applications: Information systems, customer experience, analytics and intelligence and business ecosystems. In particular, new platforms and applications for, AI and conversational systems will by Gartner be a key focus through 2020. Companies should identify how industry platforms and applications will evolve and plan ways to evolve their platforms to meet the challenges of digital business.

RanTek helps you optimize the time it takes to deploy new applications. Applications that are guaranteed to perform through monitoring and documentation, so you can provide what is expected for the business.

Monitor your end-users’ application performance experience and troubleshoot problems quickly.

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Minimize the risk of errors and outages by updating applications and understanding interdependencies as implementations become more complex.

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The mainstream adoption of web-based applications, whether internally hosted, cloud hosted, or software as a service (SaaS), is transforming the ways in which enterprise-class applications are built, deployed, and consumed. While the evolution brings new levels of cost efficiency and flexibility, it also introduces new and unique visibility and control challenges for IT organizations, which must meet performance and user experience expectations in addition to basic availability.

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