Application Troubleshooting

Know exactly where the applications problems are occurring, and what caused them

Take the War out of the War Room

Enterprises often take a fragmented approach to managing applications. SteelCentral brings everything together in a single pane of glass, eliminating the war room approach to address performance issues that often take months to fix or never get fixed.  This allows your teams to collaborate and simplify your troubleshooting efforts by leveraging an unique approach that seamlessly blends application performance, network performance and end-user experience data.

  • Troubleshoot and resolve application performance issues faster
  • Provide stakeholders with meaningful data
  • Focus on strategic initiatives rather than firefighting

Real user application performance troubleshooting

Know exactly where the applications problems are occurring, and what caused them. Troubleshoot root causes down to the line of code, infrastructure or network configuration. Examine through the most granular application performance data to troubleshoot application issues.

  • Receive alerts and diagnoses as soon as problems occur
  • Reduce release issues by 30% and release 7 times more frequently
  • Troubleshoot Java and .NET web apps, and packaged applications

Save money by quickly troubleshooting applications

Application troubleshooting with SteelCentral provides businesses with between 10-30% IT budget savings. There is no need to recreate problems – the data has already been captured with SteelCentral.

Success Stories


“It is now much easier to identify issues with the network or application themselves. In some cases, problems that took a long time to solve can now be fixed in minutes. Following the deployment of SteelCentral solutions, our customers have seen a significant improvement in performance. Riverbed has made a positive impact for us by helping us to considerably improve the customer experience. “

– Neval Bircaner, IT Governance Supervisor, Allianz Allianz - Success story



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