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Cloud Experience

Ensure improved performance and user experience
Ensure improved performance and user experience
Develop & Deliver Applications on Azure

Adopting the cloud can mean a loss of control and uncertainty. Building new apps by migrating existing ones can have unpredictable outcomes. With AppInternals bundled in, IT gets the end-to-end visibility that they need into their cloud servers to improve performance and user experience. The cloud is no longer a black hole.

AppInternals monitors applications in the cloud, on-premise or in a combination of both, and presents performance insights and analytics on a single interactive view. It helps existing, on-premises Microsoft customers retain the control and visibility they enjoy on-premises, within Azure. Users can inspect user experience, trace transactions, measure system resources and perform analytics to expose, diagnose and fix bottlenecks.

Hold providers accountable to SLAs based on business processes

Enterprises are increasingly relying on SaaS, cloud providers, and IT outsourcers to speed up application deployment and reduce expenses. Without access to the infrastructure on which cloud-delivered applications run, IT Ops teams face challenges in ensuring these applications deliver excellent end-user experience. Traditional APM products require access to the application code to monitor user experience, and using proxy servers or load balancers to monitor cloud-delivered apps adds complexity and cost. Synthetic monitoring products don’t measure actual end-user experience; they only emulate it. Although IT vendors provide SLAs that cover infrastructure uptime, incident response time commitments, and penalties, these are insufficient to guarantee excellent end-user experience. SLAs based on business processes enable IT Operations and business executives to ensure that cloud-delivered apps deliver excellent customer service.

Cloud Experience

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“As we were going to have users from all of our Australian offices accessing the data nationally, it was a no-brainer for us to leverage the rest of our Riverbed investment and opt for SteelHead’s cloud version, SteelHead CX for Microsoft Azure, to optimise all our documents going in and out of the cloud.”

– Sam Mannix, Business Engagement and Architecture Manager, RSM RSM - Succes story


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