End to End experience monitoring

Gain a better understanding on where you need to prioritize optimization efforts

End to End experience monitoring

Optimize end-user experience monitoring, irrespective of user location and device

Users expect instant access and consistent experiences from your application to stay productive. You must be able to monitor the ultimate measure of application performance: your end-users’ experience and troubleshoot problems quickly.

Catch application problems before your users

Monitor your applications’ performance across all devices and geographies. Compare results to identify opportunities to improve application performance for all your end users. Record every end user transaction and find performance problems using powerful big data analytics and insights. A continuous view of application, infrastructure and network performance will enable you to fix issues 90% faster.

  • Receive notifications before users are affected
  • Map user satisfaction to performance and business metrics
  • Powerful analytics for every unique transaction

With Riverbed Aternity you can monitor your applications and their underlying infrastructure and network devices from an end-user perspective. See which users engage with your applications and experience higher performance across devices and locations. Gain a better understanding on where you need to prioritize optimization efforts.

Every Workforce application. Running on any device. For any user.

Riverbed SteelCentral Aternity Excellent End-User Experience is Like the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Success Stories


“Instead of just focusing on technology monitoring, SteelCentral Aternity gives me the view from the end-user and their experience. That’s massively important because you can have all the technology working, but if the user is not having a great experience, that’s where you can potentially lose sales and confidence in your brand.”

– Phil Wood, Head of Shared Services, Travis Perkins plc Travis Perkins - Success story



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