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Office 365 Backup - Are you backing up your Microsoft Office 365?

Office 365 Backup

Exchange Online – Oversee and protect all data everywhere it goes 
Exchange Online
Oversee and protect all data everywhere it goes 

Backup Your Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online Data

Your organization is probably using Microsoft Office 365 today, but are you backing up that data? The answer is probably not. Well, you’re not alone. Many users are not backing up that data, and more than half of all businesses today use Office 365!

However, the responsibility of protecting your data in the event of failures lies with your organization, not your cloud vendor.

4 Reasons Your Business Needs to Backup Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online

Enterprises are increasingly adopting Microsoft Office 365 for email and collaboration, with more than half of all businesses relying on it today. Using the cloud-based productivity tool, your organization is creating and interacting with information anywhere, anytime, leading to more business data than ever. Your enterprise must oversee and protect all of that data everywhere it goes — whether your industry is regulated or not. There are different products in the O365 Suite, but because Exchange Online is the most popular, you should know the business reasons your company needs to back up Exchange Online.

  1. Cloud Data is your Responsibility
  2. Limited flexibility for data retention and recovery
  3. Your Workforce expects a proactive response when data is lost or compromised
  4. Email has become ransomware target
Enable Work Anywhere. Protect Exchange Online Data Everywhere.

An old adage reminds us not to put all of our eggs in one basket. Take that advice and keep all of the data in your enterprise’s Exchange Online account backed up and safe – on-premises or in the cloud – with an end-to-end, web-scale backup and recovery solution that gives you easy, granular, instant recovery when you need it.

Download the ebook “Conversational Office 365 Backups” to find out why:

  • Office 365 data is an important business data set.
  • Failing to backup O365 data can lead to major outages, lost time, and lost profits.
  • Backing up O365 data ensures quick data recovery and keep operations running.

Download the 4 reason why your Business needs to Backup Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online here

Download the ebook  “Conversational Office 365 Backups” here


Office 365 Backup