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Internet of things → Get instant insight into machine data ←

Internet of Things

Experience a scalable and versatile platform for all your machine-generated data
Experience a scalable and versatile platform for all your machine-generated data

Instant Insights of IoT

The platform provides a scalable and versatile platform for machine data generated by all of the devices, control systems, sensors, SCADA, networks, applications and end-users connected by today’s networks.


  • Gain a unified view across critical industrial systems and assets to quickly identify and diagnose operational issues.
  • Monitor, track and avoid unplanned asset downtime.
  • Ensure equipment is operating as intended to improve equipment efficiency and availability.
  • Move from reactive to proactive in your operations.
  • Gain real-time insights and leverage advanced analytics to detect patterns, trends and anomalies, helping reduce costs and minimize equipment downtime.
  • Protect mission-critical assets and industrial systems against cybersecurity threats.
  • Gain visibility into system performance or set points that could put machines or people at risk.
  • Gain real-time insights into the health and performance of your critical industrial assets.
  • Detect anomalies and deviations from normal behavior to take corrective action – improving uptime, asset reliability and longevity.


The solution provides a unified way to organize and extract real-time insights from massive amounts of machine data from virtually any source. This includes data from websites, business applications, social media platforms, app servers, hypervisors, sensors, traditional databases, and open-source data stores.

Internet of Things makes it simple to collect, analyze and act upon the untapped value of the big data generated by your technology infrastructure, security systems, and business applications—giving you the insights to drive operational performance and business results.

Success Stories

Quotation Mark

“We need systems that offer a perfect balance between great user experience, around the clock availability, accessibility from many different locations and devices, and low operating cost. Splunk is part of this more intelligent way of working; without it we would not be able to manage these systems effectively and offer the high level of service the business requires to remain competitive.”

– Ben Paddick, IT Director, VINCI Construction UK

Vinci Construction - Success story


Big Data – Internet of Things

Solution Briefs

Industrial data and the Internet of Things – New insights from sensors, devices and industrial control systems.