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Bridgeworks Industry Defining Data Acceleration Technology


Revolutionising data acceleration and performance with next generation technology

Revolutionising data acceleration and performance with next generation technology



The nature of data is changing. Over the last few years, the data volume has exploded, which has made it more crucial than ever for businesses to be able to handle larger and richer data sets, to be able to gain maximum value from their business-critical data.

RanTek teamed up with Bridgeworks in 2015, as the only dealer in Denmark. Bridgeworks specializes in data optimization and their solutions and service are based on more than 35 years of experience. Businesses no longer have to struggle to move data over long distances. Bridgeworks’ cutting-edge technology delivers accelerated outcomes by reducing the time to intelligence while increasing productivity. Gartner recognized next-generation AI technology Bridgeworks dramatically alleviates the effects of latency and packet loss. By doing so, Bridgeworks’ industry-defining solutions increase workflow efficiency and reduce non-productive transfer windows, which make it possible for IT managers and content owners to deliver content quicker to customers or collaborators.

Industry defining Data Acceleration technology

Bridgeworks gives you the capability to accelerate data transfer up to 200x faster and provide 50x data recovery. Accelerate your storage strategies and get the ability to backup 10TB of data in less than 10 hours.

Traditional WAN methods can no longer deliver the necessary efficiency for handling the ever-growing volumes of data and result in an undue storage spending. Bridgeworks have re-engineered the problem and their award-winning technology allows organizations to utilize up to 98% of pipe bandwidth. In addition, Bridgeworks industry-defining Data Acceleration technology gives businesses the capability to achieve fast data delivery over any distance in variable network conditions for offsite backup, replication, big data or content distribution. Bridgeworks, delivers Highest Speed Data Transfer realizing consistent accelerated outcomes, compliance and rightsized WAN investment.


Accelerate Data Stream

  • Protocol – iSCSI, Fibre Channel (FC), SAS
  • TCP-IP streams – Object, NDMP, REST, Netapp etc

We do not touch the data

  • No cache
  • No de-duplication/compression

Move data at up-to 98% of the actual bandwidth

  • Regardless of latency
  • Managing extreme packet loss
  • Manage issues that negatively impact data transfer including network, ingress and egress

Accelerate ALL data equally

  • Encrypted, encoded, de-duplicated/compressed

Deliver deterministic and consistent data transfer times

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