Unified platform for backup, files, objects, test/dev and analytics

Cohesity – Solving Secondary Data Challenges

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Data is no longer confined to the data center – it is massively fragmented within and across clouds, as well as the edge. To cope with this complexity, data infrastructure should reduce manual effort by running autonomously under policy control, and use machine learning to adapt to changing conditions.

All organizations have secondary data, but agile enterprises don’t have time to manage fragmented and inefficient silos. That’s why there’s Cohesity. With Cohesity’s web-scale simplicity for secondary data, your enterprise consolidates backups, files, objects, test/dev, and analytics on one hyperconverged solution for maximum speed and flexibility.

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Simplify, Scale and Save with Cohesity

Modernize backup and recovery in the data center and cloud with Cohesity. Move your IT team closer to achieving its new mandate to reduce, improve, and accelerate IT operations. Remove silos while speeding RPOs and data recovery. Easily scale to meet tight SLAs and always accommodate capacity demand with just-right resources. Reduce high-cost maintenance and say goodbye to annual tune ups.

Eliminate Silos and Complexity
Cohesity’s one platform is all you need to backup many workloads, reach recovery objectives faster, and avoid forklift upgrades. Streamline management with an intuitive user interface.

Meet Ever-Changing Requirements
From the core to the cloud and edge, Cohesity’s software-defined solution doesn’t lock in you or your data. Efficiently scale-out and pay as you grow. Upgrade without downtime.

Better Protect with Automation
Cohesity lets you set policies with strict SLAs for every backup job, including frequency, scheduling and more. Replace manual updates with agentless backup, saving IT time and headaches.

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Why Cohesity believes you should break up with your Legacy Backup



  • Single modern user interface and operational model for your unified secondary workloads


  • Software-defined solution that easily responds to your changing business needs.


  • Meet your business SLAs with policy-based automation and easy deployment model.

Read more about how RanTek’s backup solutions can transform your business