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Ready for the Future

Are You Ready for the Future?

Agile IT requires not only the right mindset, but also the right tools to deliver the best SLA’s for your organization. Achieving Operational Excellence means new ways of thinking about storage and the many silos they represent. Managing point solutions consisting of many hardware and software components is not a sustainable strategy. Business as usual is not aligned to the future needs of the organization. Operational tasks such as maintaining, patching, upgrading and migrating are all pure costs to the company.

For Secondary Storage workloads such as backup, archiving, test/dev and analytics, these point solutions lead to inefficiency, both in terms of personnel and resources, but also poor space utilization.

As organizations move to the hybrid Cloud model, the problem persists as the same data is moved to a public cloud provider.

Organizations will need to take a platform perspective and look for technologies that can be leveraged across all secondary storage workloads. This requires a hyperconverged approach which ensures that systems are robust enough to service these various use cases.  The solution needs to cover the true secondary storage cloud, whether it be remote offices, on-premise data centers, or the public cloud. A control plane is required to globally manage these various infrastructure, ensuring that the organization’s good governance policies for data management are maintained. Finally, making use secondary data for test/development or analytics will bring new value to the organization, uncovering potential business risk, or providing greater insight.


Cohesity scale-out DataPlatform runs on standard x86 servers and is also sold as native appliances. Beyond backup, the solution provides NFS and SMB file shares as well as S3 for object storage. It is a modular, web-scale design that is easy to deploy and maintain. Providing a true global de-duplication of data, organizations will enjoy high degrees of space efficiency.

Cohesity DataProtect software is truly unique with its policy based approach to data protection, aligning the business needs for recoverability with the Data Center delivery models. Organizations will benefit from rapid, incremental forever backups, while all recoveries come from fully hydrated and cataloged images. This is a unique feature of the Cohesity file system SpanFS with native snapshotting tools. Designed for true disaster, the management services are distributed and always available. Recoveries are made easy by global indexing and search, allowing for Instant Mass Restore during an outage.

All the Cohesity features may be tested with the Cohesity Virtual Appliance.

Cohesity has packaged the web-scale Cohesity platform into an easy to consume virtual format that can run on any VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V host. The VE has a full feature set and all use-cases above can be validated with this model. Requirements for deployment:

  • VMware ESXi or Hyper-V host to deploy the VE
  • 8 vCPU and 16GB vRAM
  • Minimum disk capacity 1TB. Maximum disk capacity 16TB
  • Half day on site installation with authorized Cohesity technician
  • 2 -3 weekly checkups (virtual) for question, knowledge transfer and data capture

The VE will be made available for download upon completion of signed evaluation agreement.

  • Ease of installation and setup
  • Configuration of sources that will be protected (Hypervisor, database, physical, NAS etc.)
  • Configuration of protection policies
  • Implementation of backup jobs
  • Demonstration and proof of global indexing and search
  • Review of space efficiency and storage reduction numbers
  • Creation of files shares for using Cohesity in target modus (SQL/RMAN dumps) or with third party backup software
  • Test/Development workflow to clone and run virtual machines from Cohesity as a datastore
  • Explanation of monitoring tools and setup of scheduled reports
  • One-Click upgrade of the platform to next version to take advantage or new features and patches
  • Demonstration of Instant-Mass-Recovery test of 25+ virtual machines
  • Configuration of MS SQL and Oracle backups and recovery flows
  • Completed test plan and PoC summary
  • Initial sizing and capacity planning report
  • Design including single or multiple sites built upon customer requirements.
  • Financial overview

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