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Limitless Scalability | Simplified | Software Defined
Limitless Scalability
Software Defined


Build your Datacenter as an Enterprise Cloud

By 2019, approximately 30% of the global storage array capacity installed in enterprise data centers will be deployed on software-defined storage (SDS) or hyper-converged integrated system (HCIS) architectures based on x86 hardware systems, up from less than 5% today.

Twenty percent of mission-critical applications currently deployed on three-tier IT infrastructure will transition to HCISs by 2020.

Datacenter designs are not for the faint of heart. They’ve never been simple, but each successive year they become more complex and more costly to maintain. Datacenter architects, of course, did not chart a course leading to greater complexity. Initial infrastructure designs, in fact, tried to rationalize the choice of technologies and products to make the overall environment easy to manage and support. To keep pace with business, however, the datacenter has incorporated new technologies to drive increased performance and scale. As a consequence, it has become dependent on multiple generations of products and an incompatible mix of technologies across network, server, and storage silos. Throw in an unwieldy set of management consoles, dashboards, and frameworks and it is easy to see why today’s datacenters are so difficult to manage, costly to upgrade, and nearly impossible to scale affordably.

A better approach to designing, building and managing datacenter infrastructure pioneered by web companies and cloud providers such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook. The benefits of web-scale infrastructure are now within reach at any scale and for all workloads.

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Our business depends on IT more than ever. Technology is the key enabler to new business opportunities, improved efficiency, and a sustainable competitive edge. Legacy IT infrastructure is not keeping pace with your business. You want to embrace the public cloud, but the loss of control and unpredictable costs are critical barriers.

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A hyper-converged platform eliminates the complexities of managing separate storage and server environments. Our solutions know how to deliver the best performance for different workloads without tuning, eliminating the need to manually provision or configure storage. With its centralized VM-centric management – including data protection, smart analytics, and deep insight into the infrastructure and all VMs – you can focus on innovation rather than infrastructure management, speeding the roll-out of new applications and services.

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