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Ensure necessary capacity and performance for the future
Ensure the necessary capacity and performance for the future

Four Reasons Why Nutanix Is Ideal for today’s enterprise

Built with web-scale technologies, Nutanix solutions will enable you to keep pace with changing business and customer demands, comply with tougher regulations, and mitigate new risks. Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure with web-scale technologies is the leading purpose-built infrastructure for hosting the modern virtualized datacenter and hybrid clouds.

Obtain Seamless, Pay-As-You-Go Scalability

Nutanix enables you to start small and scale appropriately with linear performance and capacity. You can reduce the amount of infrastructure needed through better utilization of existing resources using Nutanix’s efficient software-based approach. With Nutanix, you can quickly add (or remove) server and storage capacity one node at a time to precisely meet business demands. With its modular and simple scalability, Nutanix minimizes upfront capital expenditures by eliminating the need to over-provision simply to ensure the necessary capacity and performance for the future.

Lower Expenses

Nutanix delivers the industry’s best data center density, enabling you to run all of your virtualized IT workloads in very little space. With Nutanix, you can consolidate different workloads, including tier-1 databases and enterprise applications, virtualized desktops and applications, and big data workloads, on a single platform to cut CapEx by 50% and maintain high performance. The Nutanix hyper-converged platform will enable you to slash power, space, and cooling costs by as much as 80%, making it ideal for space-constrained datacenters and remote/branch offices.

Reduce Management Overhead

The Nutanix hyper-converged platform eliminates the complexities of managing separate storage and server environments. Nutanix knows how to deliver the best performance for different workloads without tuning, eliminating the need to manually provision or configure storage. With its centralized VM-centric management – including data protection, smart analytics, and deep insight into the infrastructure and all VMs – you can focus on innovation rather than infrastructure management, speeding the roll-out of new applications and services.

Speed Deployments

Nutanix will enable you to get started quickly with a wide range of validated reference designs for cloud platforms, including VMware vRealize automation, Microsoft Windows Azure Pack, and KVM-based private cloud deployments, and enterprise applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and Oracle databases. All Nutanix solutions are backed by world-class services, education, and proactive support to reduce time-to-production and enable you to operate at peak efficiency.

Success Stories

Quotation Mark

“Since it’s a hyperconverged solution, Nutanix reduces the number of vendors we have to work with, streamlining contract negotiations and support… I love the ease of administration and Nutanix’s one-click upgrades. The 3-tier legacy environment upgrades always took at least two months to complete. With Nutanix, we’re done within a day.”

– Robert Edwards, Director of Technical Infrastructure, Cardinal Innovations HealthcareCardinal Innovations - Success story


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