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RanTek Life Cycle Services → Improve your readiness! ←

RanTek Life Cycle Services

At RanTek we take great pride in creating meaningful business value through consistent but cutting edge IT solutions and Life Cycle Services that are Simplified, Automated and Protected. We offer a range of services to support this: analysis, design, implementation, maintenance, support and managed services including proactive monitoring and fine-tuning.

RanTek Life Cycle Services is orchestrated from the ground up to specifically off-load your IT personnel, and let you focus on what’s important for the business and thereby enable you to reach higher service levels and accelerate application delivery while making sure cost is managed and readiness improved. This is achieved by delivering high standards of consultancy and Next Generation Simplified IT Solutions that maximize your ROI on existing IT investments and by taking advantage of Automated and Protected IT platforms.

Our services can be tailored to meet your specific needs using more than a decades proven experience and methodology, allowing you to focus on adding value to your business while we Simplify, Automate and Protect your infrastructure.

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RanTek Life Cycle Service

Our Professional Services

To make sure we can guarantee the optimal performance for all your business applications. We look at what you have, what ICT initiatives you have going on and what you would like for the future. Combining that with our extensive experience and deep knowledge for the new and upcoming technologies, we will then provide our best recommendation on how your company can leverage the new Simplified, Automated and Protected IT Solutions and Services around it.


Our Managed Services

The pressure on IT infrastructure leaders is never-ending. They must deliver higher service levels and new IT-enabled capabilities, help accelerate application delivery, and do so while managing costs and improving readiness. In many cases companies struggle to find the time and resources to support these initiatives due to operational priorities.

With our Managed Service, we will offload your IT operation, De-Risk your technology investment and make sure your ROI objectives are met. We will let you focus on what’s important for the business and at the same time enable you to generate more value from data, reduce cost on existing IT assets and IT operations, leading the way to enhanced agility and competitiveness.


Our Support Services

Our Technical  Support Team is a close-knit group with a broad professional background and the highest certifications within there field. No need for someone to take the initial call and then transfer it 2nd level – you will get straight to the resource that can assist your questions or incident.

We run a 365 24/7 operation with staff that takes great pride in supporting our customers to the outmost and full satisfaction.

We constantly invest in receiving continuous education and training and the Technical Team is also measured according to the service they provide to our customers. We ask our customers how satisfied they are with the service received once a week and we are proud of our satisfactory score being 95%. You can see the annual trend on our customer satisfaction scores here.