The RanTek Service concept is based on the knowledge and experience we have gained through many years of  Riverbed experience. This unique service is solely developed in order to give Riverbed customers the best service world wide with RanTek as a local partner. As a RanTek Service Customer you will have access to the highest certified technicians (RCSP; Riverbed Certified Solution Professional), who provide the best service and support. Our own developed monitoring software gives you detailed reports, showing how optimally your Riverbed estate performs as well as giving you a complete overview of improvement initiatives.

Managed Services
Managed Services

Rantek Managed Services

RanTek 24x7 Health Monitoring


RanTek 24x7 Alarm Service

Rantek Engagement Workshop

RanTek Performance Tuning Service

RanTek Yearly Strategy Days

RanTek Software Upgrade Service

Rantek Service

RanTek Syslog Service adv. Troubleshooting

RanTek 8x5 Helpdesk

RanTek Reporting Service

RanTek Capacity Planning Service

RanTek Riverbed Training 50% off

RanTek Riverbed Workshop 2 days

Rantek Basic Service

Riverbed Software Subscription

RanTek 24x7 TAC Management

Riverbed Hardware Replacement

RanTek 8x5 Helpdesk (short questions)

RanTek 24x7 World Wide Authorized Support

RanTek Inventory Management

RanTek 24x7 TAC Management

Proactive & Predictive Support Module