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Software Defined Network → Cost-effective Connectivity! ←

Software Defined Network

Simplified and cost effective management of connectivity
Simplified and cost effective management of connectivity

Software Defined Network 

Software Defined Network (SDN) is a new way to architect, deploy and operate corporate datacenters. It offers a way more simplified deployment and management of cost-effective connectivity.

Arista is focused exclusively on data center switching and is expanding the portfolio to cover data center interconnection, a critical component for clients building cloud-based infrastructures. Arista provides a programmable solution based on their Extensible Operating System (EOS) software, which can be integrated into nearly all data center management and orchestration architectures. With CloudVision, a single network control point that facilitates integration with third-party SDN solutions you can achieve network-wide automation and orchestration. Arista delivers sophisticated monitoring capabilities, providing network-wide telemetry and analytics through real-time streaming of the network state.


Addresses the need for simplified and improved network agility quickly and respond to the needs of your business with application-centric, business intent-based policies that are centrally managed and applied network-wide across all remote locations.

Reduced Costs:
By changing the size and density of your data center network you can lower costs, centralize management and visibility and thereby reduce complexity and cost.

Reliability and Security:
By simplifying datacenter networking you will reach a higher degree of automation and visibility. With increased reliability and enhanced security your company will de-risk scenarios of lost productivity.


Arista is the only vender represented in the top right corner of Gartner Magic Quadrant for SDN together with Cisco.

Arista provides tight integration with a wide range of software orchestration and SDN solutions, and gives the customers flexibility through the programmability of Arista’s EOS platform, based on standard Linux.

Arista provides a single control point (CloudVision), centralized network state (NetDB), network telemetry and application visibility capabilities, along with extensible APIs and software development kit (SDK).

Arista offers a portfolio of products with different form factors, including some large fixed configuration switches, enabling the implementation of rightsized and often cost-effective solutions for every environment.

Arista provides high-performance and very scalable solutions, with deep buffers, large address tables and low latency to deal with the complexities of modern DC applications and to scale to cloud size.

Success Stories

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“We have the Arista platforms running operationally now for nearly five years and the performance along with the integration into our SDN architecture is phenomenal”

– Edwin Beekman, Engineer, Schuberg Philis

Scuberg Philis - Success story


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