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WAN & Cloud optimization → Reduce WAN service expenses ←

WAN & Cloud Optimization

Improve the performance and reduce service expenses
Improve the performance and reduce service expenses

WAN & Cloud optimization

WAN & Cloud optimization improves the performance of applications running across the WAN or connected in the cloud, as well as reduce WAN service expenses.

More benefits 

  • Improve the response times as experienced by users of business-critical applications over WAN links or mobile connections.
  • Assist in maximizing the ROI for WAN bandwidth, and delay bandwidth upgrades.
  • Optimize data-center-to-data-center traffic for faster storage replication and synchronization.
  • Assist in directing application traffic across multiple WANs, such as a hybrid WAN or public cloud connectivity.
  • Improves performance of SaaS applications up to 33x
  • Reduces bandwidth up to 97%
WAN & Cloud optimization


Riverbed offers the broadest set of capabilities in the industry, including features for large branch office networks, data center replication and storage networking protocols, single remote users, and optimization to cloud services.

Riverbed SaaS has long been the industry-leading solution, offering end-to-end optimization for Office 365 and Salesforce. Now, Riverbed SaaS has been extended to include more SaaS applications such as Box, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, SuccessFactors and ServiceNow.

Increase productivity with complete network performance optimization and gain up to 100X performance improvements and the greatest bandwidth savings through the optimized secure delivery of all apps, across hybrid WANs, to users everywhere.

Success Stories

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“With Riverbed SteelHead and SteelFusion, we have shown that our branch operations can have the same level of network and application performance as in our main offices.”

– Rifan Adi Head of IT PT Siemens Indonesia

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