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Ensuring workforce productivity with saas applications
The productivity of modern workforces depends on access to, and the performance of, business-critical applications. IT needs the ability to monitor performance end-to-end, to hold SaaS vendors accountable, and to improve network performance between users and the Cloud. Modern Workforces are Cloud-connected and Mobile The global economy is more services-oriented
Palo Alto Virtual event Summary
We are very glad to announce that NetNordic has reached Diamond Innovator status with Palo Alto. It is an enormous step in this partnership, so we wanted to celebrate it big, but still corona-time like. We had a virtual meeting last Friday via MS Teams with our customers, prospects, and
The hidden cost of latency Riverbed
The hidden cost of latency Remote working is now a vital part of the world’s new reality, making IT departments double their efforts to manage massive traffic in their networks and bridge latency issues. Productivity should not be compromised by telework, as the company’s health is relying on it. IT
Webinar Hybrid Cloud Three Ways
There are many ways to implement Hybrid Cloud, and it can be confusing to choose among them. AWS Outposts, Azure Stack, VMware Cloud, which is the best for you? No matter which hybrid cloud solution suits your appetite, one thing is certain – you need to backup and manage your
Work Remotely at home Webinar
Is it possible to run a business with full-remote workforce? What was once a vague, hypothetical idea, has now turned a necessity in order to protect our employees and others. People staying at home should be able to be as productive as in the office, but it is a tough
Riverbed Client Accelerator
Try Riverbed Client Accelerator Trial for 90 days free of charge. RanTek-part of Netnordic and its key associate Riverbed, are offering a complimentary trial license of 3 months to all our existing customers.   Working from home should not be a problem. But what if your whole workforce goes remote?
Remote working
Remote working is in these days, a vital feature in the IT and cyber business. No longer is it a benefit, but a requirement, and companies have improved the solutions they bring to their workforces over the years. In global circumstances like we are currently facing with COVID-19, it is
Nordic Tech Summit Banner

3. March 2020

Nordic Tech Summit

  The time has come for the biggest Technology Event of the year. As now part of Netnordic, we are proud to take “RanTek Performance Day” to a higher level, joining our strengths into a new event; “Nordic Tech Summit”.  This is the evolution of our well-known event, which has
Zero Trust
Frequently, companies seem reluctant to the idea to implement Zero Trust because of the belief that is difficult, costly and disruptive.  However, building a Zero Trust network is much simpler than classifying users as “trusted” and “untrusted”, which is proven to be an ineffective approach to this matter. A five-steps
Protecting users when entering SD WAN world
From the moment you replace your WAN-edge routers with Riverbed’s SteelConnect EX SDWAN solution, you certainly gain the ability to move to multiple lower-cost Internet circuits and enhance your application identification performance. However, how can you ensure your bases to be covered? Riverbed provides with a wide diversity of tools
Palo Alto Virtual event Summary