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Counter Ransomware Attacks with Cohesity | RanTek

Counter Ransomware Attacks with Cohesity

As we know, data is today’s companies’ biggest asset, and digital extortion has been in the rise for the last years. Gartner predicts that recovering data from ransomware attacks is expected to cost organizations $11 billion this year. Awareness on this matter is indeed increasing, but it is still target of new and sophisticated attacks, threatening enterprises all around the world. Cohesity effectively counters ransomware attacks and helps your organization to avoid a potential devastating problem.


Cohesity stops intruders by preventing your backup from becoming an attack target. Cohesity with its completely new, purpose-built file system—the Cohesity SpanFS—uniquely offers multi-layered protection against a ransomware attack. Among other things, Cohesity delivers the highest level of protection against ransomware attacks because at the foundation it is an immutable file system with read-only state snapshots.


As cybercriminals continue to strengthen and modify their approaches, Cohesity makes it easier for your organization to detect intrusions with a global, enterprise SaaS-based management solution. Enterprises using Cohesity Helios® have a single dashboard to see, manage, and take action fast on their data and applications globally. Helios machine learning provides insights humans may miss because it automatically and continuously monitors and notifies you when an anomaly is detected. Helios cutting-edge, ML algorithms proactively assess your IT needs and automate infrastructure resources regularly. Whether anomaly activity is detected, Helios simultaneously alerts both your enterprise IT team and Cohesity’s support team, speeding up the recovery.


Attacks do happen, and fast. That’s why recovery has to be rapid, too. Cohesity speeds the process of getting you back ransomed enterprise data and applications—at scale. Only Cohesity locates and deletes infected files across your global data footprint and instantly brings back all of your apps and data with unique instant mass restore capabilities. Cohesity searches through Helios and allows you to take corrective action to ensure smooth business continuity. The scalable DataPlatform stores backup data at the retention rates your organization sets—weeks, months, and years—close to production for fast recovery. Cohesity instant mass restore powers on within minutes because patented Cohesity SnapTree® technology stores each backup as a fully hydrated snap, supporting instant large-scale restoration to any point in time.


Cohesity’s comprehensive approach—to prevent, detect, and respond—to ransomware attacks results in zero data loss. Should a breach, disaster, or ransomware attack occur, always-protected backups are available so your enterprise can return to business faster, without ransomware payment.

Prevent, detect, and respond to ransomware with RanTek, powered by Cohesity. Reach us to learn more about how to take action on this matter.


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