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Ensuring Global Workforce Productivity with SaaS Applications | RanTek

Ensuring Global Workforce Productivity with SaaS Applications

The productivity of modern workforces depends on access to, and the performance of, business-critical applications. IT needs the ability to monitor performance end-to-end, to hold SaaS vendors accountable, and to improve network performance between users and the Cloud.

Modern Workforces are Cloud-connected and Mobile

The global economy is more services-oriented and reliant upon knowledge workers than ever before. A growing number are mobile—accessing hosted applications from their offices, homes, and on the road. Many more are untethered workers, who require continuous network access as they move about offices, retail stores, and other places of business. Most rely on the performance of SaaS applications, such as Office 365, and other software that runs in public or hybrid clouds to do their jobs.

Challenges to Productivity

Changes in the way applications are delivered and how people work are making it increasingly complex for IT to enable productivity. When critical applications perform poorly, more than workforce productivity is affected. Customer service suffers, decisions are delayed, projects slip, and revenue is lost.

Networks with unreliable access and unpredictable performance impact productivity. Wi-Fi capacity is strained as more people unplug from the LAN. Mobile workers are hindered by last-mile bottlenecks on cellular data networks, at public Wi-Fi hot spots, and on home DSL/cable connections.

IT is held responsible for the performance of SaaS applications but exercises no control over and has no visibility into the service provider’s cloud. Moreover, the Internet—a best effort service—is the primary means of connectivity from enterprises to SaaS applications and from mobile workers to any hosted application.

Riverbed Solution for Workforce Productivity

Enabling workforce productivity with high-performing applications is a responsibility shared by business and IT executives, application owners, and the network team. Setting up a SaaS application or deploying a more custom application is just the beginning.

An ongoing effort is needed to ensure that critical applications perform well for every end-user. It starts with providing reliable network access. Another essential is end-to-end visibility—the capacity to monitor application performance from the point of user consumption back to the Cloud. And ideally, IT also needs the means to accelerate applications when and where performance is lacking.

Enablers of workforce productivity


Provide simple, secure, and reliable SaaS application access for all users anytime, and from any location. Ready in minutes-easy to purchase, spin up, and manage.


Monitor performance from the end-user perspective for every application. Proactively identify issues via automatic baselines for normal performance and the option to set thresholds. Quickly isolate issues to the client device, network, or SaaS Application.


Boost SaaS performance up to 210x for any user, anywhere by mitigating latency and reducing bandwidth consumption up to 99%, improving user productivity and satisfaction.

Unleash the global workforce

Today’s workforces are mobile. In a given day, a single employee can hey access apps on the go on a laptop from a home office, a coffee shop, an airport, or client sites halfway around the world, and no matter where they are, they expect apps to respond quickly. The Riverbed SaaS Accelerator solution provides leading-edge application acceleration to remote workers wherever they are located. Delivered as a software-defined, cloud-based service, the solution is purpose-built for today’s dynamic workforce. Regardless of network latency, bandwidth constraints, or application contention the solution ensures consistent performance of leading SaaS applications for anyone, anywhere.

Get Started Now

Greater workforce productivity depends on the accessibility and performance of business-critical applications. RanTek and Riverbed can help you provide reliable network access, monitor performance from the end-user to the SaaS provider, and improve the performance of networks and applications. Contact us to learn more.

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