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Get Ready, SD-WAN Adoption is About to Reach a Massive Tipping Point | RanTek

Get Ready, SD-WAN Adoption is About to Reach a Massive Tipping Point

IT decision makers recognize the need for SD-WAN

According to a recent Riverbed survey about next generation networking,Riverbed Future of Networking Survey 2017 98% of global IT decision makers agree that in the next two years, SD-WAN will be critical in helping to manage cloud and hybrid networks. This near total consensus truly validates the value that SD-WAN technology can deliver for managing and controlling networks for today’s cloud-centric world. So how many of these same respondents acknowledge to using SD-WAN today? 4%. That’s right: just 4%. But over the next two years, respondents expect that number to skyrocket to 52%, and in the next four years? 93%!

Legacy networks are a barrier to cloud success

As businesses rapidly move to implement a cloud-centric strategy, there is a major gap between what their current infrastructure can support and what they need to realize the benefits of the cloud:

  • 69% believe lack of visibility into their legacy network infrastructure is a barrier to digital transformation
  • 57% believe that next generation networks hold the key to reaching operational agility

A tipping point for SD-WAN technology deployments

The survey numbers indicate that a true tipping point is about to be reached. This is an incredible growth in technology investment, which shines a very bright spotlight on the importance that SD-WAN offers for gaining the visibility and control over cloud environments that today’s businesses find essential. Deploying SD-WAN ensures your wide-area network is future-proof for cloud computing and can adapt to rapidly changing application and business requirements.

Decision makers want to adopt SD-WAN to facilitate their digital transformation initiatives and see SD-WAN as crucial for achieving greater control of their networks, decreasing infrastructure costs and adding more flexibility to their business.

The pains next-generation networks and SD-WAN technology can solve

Due to the complexity of cloud and hybrid IT environments, the challenges organizations experience can span all areas of IT. Issues that decision makers have prioritized and hope to alleviate by migrating to SD-WAN include:

  • 44% – lack of network and application visibility
  • 43% – high hardware costs
  • 41% – manual network configurability
  • 39% – inefficient WAN utilization
  • 39% – network complexity

What additional benefits can SD-WAN deliver?

Some of the other benefits that decision makers specifically call out that their organizations expect to realize through the use of SD-WAN include:

  • Lower costs by eliminating reliance on expensive MPLS connections to interconnect remote sites
  • Higher performance by leveraging multiple network paths and faster broadband connections for certain applications including cloud
  • Increased network agility by decreasing manual configuration steps through increased programmability and automation

Why Riverbed is poised to lead as SD-WAN adoption explodes

Riverbed’s SD-WAN solution provides an intelligent and intuitive approach to designing, deploying and managing distributed networks for today’s hybrid enterprise. We can work with your organization to understand what will work to support your cloud initiatives and take control of your network. The deployment of the right SD-WAN technology will enable your organization to realize:

  • Unified connectivity and policy-based orchestration across the entire network (WAN, LAN/WLANs, data center and the cloud)
  • End-to-end network visibility and monitoring
  • Simplicity and ease of provisioning and management
  • Increased network security
  • Integration with WAN optimization efforts
  • Transform your network

Decision makers see the clarity and control that SD-WAN brings to their network infrastructures and how it can help their IT organization adapt to the rapidly changing application and business requirements that are inherent in a move to the cloud—and they are moving forward rapidly with investments in SD-WAN technology. Riverbed is excited to partner with organizations that are looking to make their cloud strategies successful, and we look forward to helping you transform your network with SD-WAN in the near future.

Download the full report or read the press release.