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Companies these days have flexible workforces and locations and need to remain always-on regardless of the physical space. Workers are mobile, international or home office-based, visiting clients, working in a cafe or an airport. Therefore, it is increasingly challenging to keep their business-critical apps available and effective to maintain their productivity.

In order to ensure proper and consistent performance of leading SaaS applications (such as Microsoft 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Box and more), Riverbed® developed a SaaS Accelerator, which is a software-defined, cloud-based service, purpose-built for today’s dynamic workforce. This cloud-based SaaS acceleration service ensures consistent performance of leading SaaS applications for anyone, anywhere, regardless of distance. It is an easy-to-deploy service that accelerates SaaS application performance while overcoming the limitations of application latency, bandwidth constraints, and network congestion.

Delivered as a service, customers can increase performance by up to 210x, save on operational costs, and ensure service level agreements. This turn-key solution can be deployed in minutes and allows you to see, fix, and report to multiple stakeholders on problems before they impact users.


Agile: Easy to purchase, spin up, and manage for all users. As-a-service offering ready to go in minutes. Automates complex security policy and troubleshooting operations associated with acceleration over distance.

Flexible: Based on workforce productivity requirements, globally accelerate SaaS to laptops, remote desktops or entire sites, and easily shift service to new or additional apps as needed. Easily integrated with Riverbed EUEM, SteelHead Mobile, and SD-WAN offerings.

Fast: Accelerated SaaS performance up to 33x by mitigating latency and reduces the bandwidth of up to 99%. Improves user productivity and satisfaction.

Efficient: Concurrency of service helps eliminate unnecessary license fees.


With a simple, subscription-based software license activation, SaaS Accelerator spins up in the cloud. It does not require any changes to the SaaS provider’s infrastructure. Enterprises choose which applications to accelerate based on workforce requirements.

This is a flexible, easy-to-apply solution to any kind of company willing to improve their everyday run. Contact us at RanTek to learn more about this solution and how can it be incorporated in your company.

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