New: Proactive and Predictive Support Module (PPSM™)

New: Proactive and Predictive Support Module (PPSM™)

Rene Bach Pedersen - PPSM™

Proactive & Predictive Support Monitoring™ from RanTek is now a mandatory part of RanTek Basis Support and it will be delivered to their customers at No additional cost:

“Even with a CSAT score at 99% RanTek is proud to announce the Next Generation Proactive & Predictive Support Monitoring (PPSM™) for Riverbed Steel-Head and Steel-Fusion showing its strong commitment to exceed customer expectations, which is a core part of RanTek’s DNA”, says Rene Bach Pedersen, Co-founder and CEO at RanTek.

With 14 years of experience being the leading Nordic Riverbed Partner, RanTek has created PPSM™ to detect customer support issues, before you know of it, and even before it becomes a problem for the users. It provides notifications based on automated troubleshooting, recommendations for remediation with links to knowledge base and tutorial videos that will support getting the best out of your Riverbed solution, as well as analytics and reports to help customers optimize their environment and the way they use the Riverbed platform at its maximum potential.
RanTek has set out an ambitious roadmap to deliver an unparalleled customer support experience based on big data analytics, automation and machine learning to pre-empt potential problems and expedite time to resolution all for the benefit of Riverbed Customers.

You will spend less time supporting your Riverbed Estate

RanTek s dedicated Proactive and Predictive Support Modul (PPSM™) ensures Riverbed customers to benefit from every element of their support subscription starting from day one. The onboarding process is smoothly integrated with existing support and maintenance from Riverbed and technical assistance is available and will help you with any onboarding questions, requirements and introduction to key product documentation and community resources and assures you can take full advantage of the PPSM™ online support portal to meet your business goals. PPSM™ also includes fully automated reviews of configurations for known issues or enhancement potential as well as providing comparisons of usage patterns and best practice to help enhance your operations and plan for future changes.

Identify issues even before it becomes a problem

Predictive Support is a step beyond the proactive support. While proactive support seeks to identify Riverbed issues and bring them to your attention, with Predictive Support, RanTek aims to foresee and inform about issues even before there is a problem. RanTek predictive support strives to change the support experience for Riverbed customers so that you do not need to worry about the health of your Riverbed solution and can instead focus on growing your business.

Big data analytics, automation and machine learning provide unmatched global support experience and reduces time & cost in helpdesk

The main capability behind RanTek s PPSM™ is a technology that analyzes system data from logs collected across all customer Riverbed units 24/7. PPSM uses big data analytics not only notify but also to predict vulnerability to known issues and allowing for pre-emptive action before an incident, thus minimizing downtime risk. PPSM™ will become an integrated part of your support team, save you time to resolution, significant time spent on troubleshooting and at the same time it will enable your organization to fully utilize your Riverbed investment through the automated enhancement recommendations that are built on industry best practice.

In simple words PPSM™ will provide you with an unmatched global support experience that will exceed your expectation, notifying you on issues before they become a problem as well as notifying you on issues you did not even know existed, all while saving operational cost.


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