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RanTek partnered with SEED Madagascar build Andramanaka School

RanTek partnered with SEED Madagascar build Andramanaka School

Andramanaka School

Earlier this year, RanTek partnered with SEED Madagascar, and started an ambitious project in which we could significantly change many Malagasy children’s life. The goal was to build a three-classroom building for Andramanaka primary school which could enable 220 students aged 8-12 to complete full days of education and improve their sanitary environment.

Madagascar suffers from low school completion and enrolment rates as a result of the lack of investment in education infrastructure and poor sanitary (WASH) conditions. In addition, many children at school-age die from water, sanitation, and hygiene-related deceases.

This October, after 5 months of construction, the facilities were finally completed. A new cement building with three fully furnished classrooms and 220 additional classroom spaces, protecting students from extreme weather conditions and creating an environment that is conducive to learning. Additionally, an improved 2 latrine block was also built, providing students with access to safe sanitation. This new infrastructure is separated by gender, including menstrual hygiene management amenities for girls, providing private facilities to all staff and students to practice proper hygiene. Staff and students now have access to improved water and sanitation through the Tatirano Enterprise rainwater harvesting system. Teachers were also trained to deliver WASH education sessions to students, encouraging proper WASH practices.

Furnished classroom

Progress toward project outcomes will be measured against on-going student attendance records each semester. The WASH education sessions will be delivered to all students at the beginning of each school year, as well as evaluated by the teacher’s lessons logs and surveys.

The students of Andramanaka Primary School are excited to begin classes in the new school. We are glad to have been part of this project and look forward to celebrating the progress and achievements of the community.

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