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Remote Working Essentials - Palo Alto's Prisma Access free trial | RanTek

Remote Working Essentials – Palo Alto’s Prisma Access free trial

Remote Working basics

Remote working is in these days, a vital feature in the IT and cyber business. No longer is it a benefit, but a requirement, and companies have improved the solutions they bring to their workforces over the years. In global circumstances like we are currently facing with COVID-19, it is mandatory to ensure the best performance of remote solutions in order to preserve business normal operations. Read more about Working remotely here

These are the essentials to allow and secure remote working:

Cloud Solutions and Security

Productivity is highly enhanced when using Cloud solutions, allowing remote working through, for example, file-sharing platforms and online email providers. However, additional security is required, as no business is willing to have unauthorized data sharing.

Video Conferencing

This is a fantastic solution to ensure business flow when using remote working. It diminishes the inconveniences of not being physically in the location, useful for internal and external communications (colleagues and clients). Take into consideration that due to Coronavirus outbreak, many Video Conferencing providers (f.e. Microsoft Teams) are offering free trials.

VoIP solutions

Technology has now given us the opportunity to easily get our phone extension in any location. As almost every mobile phone support VoIP connections, it is simple to receive calls via either apps or devices.

Secure Internet Connection

It might seem redundant or obvious to Secure the Internet Connection, but in many cases, a regular home router is not safe or consistent enough for business operations. Instability of connection or a data breach can occur if not using a business-grade router for critical associates.

IAM Solutions (Identity Access Management)

IAM features can be determinant when working on Cloud Solutions or SAS, as they are key elements to do it in a secure way.

Enable MFA – Multi Form Authentication. Vital if you don’t want your identity to be hacked.

Set Geographical restrictions. Only logic predetermined locations are able to login.

Connect a DEVICE to a USER. It is important to make connections between the user and the device, not only corporate but also BYOD devices. This is also followed by a basic safety verification.

VDI & Terminal Server solutions

Experts recommend this kind of solution to enable safe and controlled access to sensitive programs, also from BYOD devices. Isolating particular software for a user, combined with VDI and IAM solutions, allows better remote working deployment. Even a basic terminal server with a locked-down GPO provides a safer environment and better performance than working straight on BYOD and using remote connections to business devices.


Prisma Access by Palo Alto

Prisma Access provides cloud-delivered security and access to employees anywhere in the world, enabling the customer to quickly activate a mobile workforce without the need to install additional hardware. As a cloud-native platform, Prisma Access automatically scales to meet the demands of mobile users to provide consistent connectivity and security for applications and data in your data center or cloud.

How can Prisma Access help with remote working?

Prisma Access is a cloud-based VPN solution that scales independently of the customer’s current infrastructure.

You can get 90 days of free Prisma Access, for home jobs and IPSEC, with the ability to scale up to 1000 VPN users. The connection between Datacenter and cloud during the trial is 300 mbps.

-Using Palo Alto Networks is not a prerequisite for getting started with Prisma Access-

All these solutions are extremely useful for regions and collaborators affected by quarantine due to COVID-19. RanTek – part of NetNordic provides the technology to stay close even being far away and ensure business daily operations at their best. Learn more about Remote Working here, and contact us for your free Prisma Access trial by Palo Alto.

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