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What is the price you pay when your network does not work? | RanTek

What is the price you pay when your network does not work?

The hidden cost of latency

Remote working is now a vital part of the world’s new reality, making IT departments double their efforts to manage massive traffic in their networks and bridge latency issues. Productivity should not be compromised by telework, as the company’s health is relying on it.

IT departments are experiencing a significant loss of visibility and control of networks and applications as the number of users with remote connections rapidly expands. When teleworking, users struggle to remain productive when their home connections and applications are not able to meet the demands placed on them and therefore, fail to perform. Latency plays a significant role in in whether an app performs as we expect when we need it, or not. Commonly we blame the network bandwidth for it—but in fact, while adding bandwidth to a network can help streamline traffic, and ultimately allow us to get the most benefit from our network spend, it doesn’t much assist with the experience a user has of an application.

An inappropriate network management increments latency, which can be translated into two basic problems: poor user experience and significant loss of profit. Users can experience anxiety and frustration when facing latency, getting a direct impact on their productivity. Bad user experience can have multiple negative consequences such as lack of engagement and not meeting their objectives, which could potentially lead to the decision of leaving the company permanently.

Moreover, think of the (paid) time your workforce is losing just waiting for their apps to run properly or to upload/download files. A few seconds or minutes in every interaction can result in millions if you do some simple calculations:

(Number of interactions per day x Number of employees x Number of working days) ­­ + Headhunting and HR expenses for replacing lost valuable assets = TOTAL COST OF LATENCY

Concisely, latency can be the performance and profit killer.


Now that we know that latency is no longer an option, here are a few key things to have optimal application performance:

  • Access to connect to all needed applications and services
  • Speed to provide agility and the ability to work efficiently
  • Availability to ensure dependability and to minimize risk

Companies can achieve these through deployment of network optimization, application acceleration, and network visibility solutions to enhance user experience by:

  • Avoiding duplication of data to reduce the amount of data being sent across the network
  • Modifying and prioritizing the transport of traffic over the network
  • Reducing application round trips across the network
  • Providing detailed visibility into bottlenecks that affect user experience

The right solution, such as Riverbed Client Accelerator, can deliver up to 75-times faster downloads, 40-times faster collaboration, 10-times faster SaaS (including Office 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow and other applications), and nearly 99 percent data reduction on any network. All of these things work together to make applications fast, consistent and available at home or anywhere.


Everything seems to be uncertain these days. Your network should not. At RanTek we understand what your company is facing right now, and we are more than willing to help you go through it. Contact us and let’s talk about the best solution for your business.

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