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What Forrester & Gartner predicts for the upcoming decade – and how RanTek will navigate the future IT trends | RanTek

What Forrester & Gartner predicts for the upcoming decade – and how RanTek will navigate the future IT trends

Predictions 2020

Technology is shaping the future in a fast and diverse way. To be properly prepared, it is crucial to know what to expect in the technology field by 2020 and develop the tools to adapt to it. From top IT companies’ CEOs to highly recognized consulting firms, here is the word of the experts.


The main concept to focus in 2020 will be adaptability: the ability to understand and anticipate market dynamics.

Immersive, adaptive IT will take hold. It will follow the broader organizational future of matrixed, shape-shifting organizations that shape and morph into changing priorities.

Advanced firms will double their data strategy budget.  2020 will be a wake-up year for many, as the total cost of getting data wrong will become apparent.

Data and AI will get weaponized. By 2020, ransomware incidents will grow as attackers learn that holding data hostage is a quick path to monetization.

Automation will reshape the workforce. Automation will change the composition of the job market and raise global economic issues of income distribution and wage stagnation.



The most relevant technology predictions for 2020 we can highlight from their analysis are flexibility and responsiveness.

Digital innovation timelines double

Through 2021, digital information initiatives will take large traditional organizations twice as long and cost twice as much as initially envisaged. Large organizations will struggle with innovating digitally as they recognize the challenges of modernizing technology and the costs of simplifying operational interdependence. In contrast, smaller, more efficient organizations will be in pole position to be first to market.

Workers orchestrate business applications

By 2023, 40% of professional workers will orchestrate their business application experiences and capabilities like they do their music streaming services. In the future, business units or central IT will receive capabilities in building block form, enabling them to create individual “playlists” of applications customized to specific employee needs and jobs.


RanTek and its strategic partners are aware of these upcoming changes and are already working on the best way to adapt and follow future IT trends. These are our main matters of focus in 2020.



The technological topics that companies have been dealt with in 2019 will continue to evolve and reshape in 2020. These are the main technology predictions for 2020 from Riverbed’s perspective:

The days of data hoarding are over

As we move into 2020, many organizations will realize that while big data has tremendous value, some of that data may be a liability. To combat potential breach risk, organizations will start reviewing collected data to determine what clearly enhances the business’s performance and delete the rest, as the risk is too high to continue to store customer data without a foreseeable purpose.

Cyber hunting will become mandatory for the organization’s security

2020 predictions cybersecurity lock over computer code. In 2020, we will see an increase in the number of “advanced persistent threats,” sophisticated, systematic cyber-attack programs that continue for an extended period of time, often orchestrated by a group of skilled hackers. It is imperative that in 2020, companies adopt the proactive cyber hunting approach to complement traditional reactive threat management approaches of installing firewalls, intrusion detection systems and SIEM systems.

The increase in edge applications and the need for more visibility

Distributed cloud will become the new data center and truly empower the edge. As more organizations start incorporating IoT technologies, their applications will need to run at the edge to ensure high performance and faster response. Organizations in 2020 are starting to think about how to address the new visibility challenges that will stem from the need of edge applications to communicate back to a centralized point in a safe way.

The “digital transformation” march will continue

The adoption of SD-WAN and other transformational technologies has been a much slower process than many vendors in the industry were expecting. The reality is that many organizations were not ready for a true digital transformation. As we head into 2020, the digital transformation march will continue to move forward, along with the adoption of SD-WAN.

Consumer preferences will consolidate the market

Avid appetite for flexibility is trend, and consumer expectations has reshaped enterprise go-to-market strategies in a huge way by going beyond just situating a solution in the cloud. The winners here will be those who can deliver the desired experiences—and outcomes—at the speed customers demand.

Organizations will continue to focus on user experience to boost productivity

If internal tools are outdated and deliver a poor user experience, employees can become frustrated and it will show in their work. Today, companies have a number of strong, cloud-based productivity tools that make it easy to onboard and ramp up quickly, without heavy customization.



Dheeraj Pandey, Co-founder & CEO of Nutanix, shares his vision on how the IT industry is changing its course.

Subscription models will become the norm for cloud vendors and the IT industry as a whole. In 2020, more businesses will continue to make this long-term investment and transition to offering subscription plans in order to offer customers the convenience and customizability they require to grow.

Blockchain will transform digital transactions. In 2020, more businesses will embrace blockchain for digital transactions because of its ability to decrease errors and improve overall efficiency, helping them become more efficient and increase value for customers.

In 2020, we will increasingly see CIOs shift from a cloud-first strategy to a cloud-smart strategy, driven by cost, security, and performance.

Enterprises will continue to invest in hybrid cloud and look for greater interoperability between private and public clouds for all workloads, including legacy as well as cloud native. Customers will begin to look to vendors who can offer software to run any workload on any location without the burden of rearchitecting or refactoring applications.

One of the biggest challenges IT leaders will face in 2020 is data mobility, so enterprises will look to vendors with uniform licensing policies to optimize application mobility.

The private cloud will continue evolving to look more like a public cloud with an increased focus on automation. 2020 will mark the emergence of AI-powered autonomous data centers.


RanTek is following these guidelines and future IT trends to continue developing the best solution tools for its clients, in an automated, simplified and protected way. We are convinced that 2020 will be a year full of exciting challenges and excellent achievements.

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