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Work Productively at home - Register the free Webinar | RanTek

Work Productively at home – Register the free Webinar

Is it possible to run a business with full-remote workforce? What was once a vague, hypothetical idea, has now turned a necessity in order to protect our employees and others. People staying at home should be able to be as productive as in the office, but it is a tough mission if you lack the required resources.

Almost every organization relies on key IaaS and SaaS to run its daily operations. Its performance is crucial to ensure the proper functioning of the business and employee goal-achievement. However, when using home regular Internet connections, problems such as slow data flow, unpredictable network latency and cloud issues may appear, diminishing their performance.

To support your remote employee productivity, RanTek can assist you optimise at-home network connections, and provide reliable performance of business-critical apps, delivered by Riverbed ultimate technology.

We invite you to take part in a free Webinar, in which the experts will discuss how to boost your network and app performance by:

  • Optimizing at-home network connections to achieve up to 99% data reduction
  • Delivering 10x faster, reliable performance of cloud, on-prem, and SaaS apps
  • Eliminating performance issues caused by unpredictable network latency and competition among apps


Free Riverbed Webinar

  • Thursday, 26 March 2020, 10am GMT / 11am CET
  • Free upon registration HERE
  • Expert Riverbed Presenters

Riverbed Presenters

Industries that had not jumped in the remote-working era by now, are certainly the most affected by the current events. Sign up now for the free Webinar HERE and take a step forward into effective work-from-home technology.  Learn more about working remotely here, or contact us for more info and personalized solutions.

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