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Palo Alto Networks

Ensuring that each day is more safe and secure than the one before

Global Cybersecurity Leader

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Palo Alto Networks work every day to anticipate, intercept, and deflect a world of digital threats. They are constantly enhancing their cybersecurity, trying to protect our digital way of life, and building a more secure future for the world. Palo Alto Networks is the cybersecurity partner of choice if you want the best IT-security on the market. 

Palo Alto Networks provides the users with the freedom they need and an edge for the business in one solution. RanTek A/S – Part of NetNordic is a proud Diamond Innovator Partner to Palo Alto Networks. Together we can provide the best solution for your business. At RanTek we desire to help out our customers from beginning to end with three of the most important questions: 

Palo Alto Networks - Nextwave Diamond Partner
  1. How can IT-security be built in from the beginning instead of being implemented afterward? (per system without service), like it, usually seems today.
  2. How can IT-security be measured and reported forwardly to the organization as a risk area – and not just a technology issue?
  3. What is the appropriate IT-security and cost linked with our business?

Adopting new security technologies can be daunting. Our experts in Palo Alto solutions deliver the tools, best practices, and assistance for you to define an effective strategy, simplify operations, and prevent successful cyberattacks.

Transformation Services

We will help you transform from your old security technologies into the newest and most automated, and prevention-based Next-Generation technologies so you can get the most sophisticated cybersecurity equipment.

Security Operation Services

Boost your operations by expanding automation and improving response times. The customized security platform provides you with high-quality data in order for your SOC to simplify investigations and mitigating threats consistently.

SOC Elements

Stop attacks with the power of good data

Reset your IT-security operations. Distressingly slow investigations and missed attacks are a result of endless alerts with too little context generated from legacy point products. How security teams operate needs to be transformed. However, this requires the need for comprehensive data and deep analytics. Dramatically simplify these operations with the Cortex XDR™ platform that creates a unified experience for prevention, detection, and investigation. It delivers a response to reimagine how you find and stop attacks with end-to-end context and simplify operations for the security teams.

Named a Zero Trust Leader. Again

Zero Trust is now an industry standard as it has quickly grown from theory to practice. Palo Alto has been recognized as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem Platform Providers, Q4 2019. Reimagine security is part of the company’s commitments helping organizations adopt Zero Trust strategy in order to eliminate the concept of trust from their networks entirely.

Palo Alto Networks Solutions

#1 in Enterprise Security

Industry-defining enterprise security platforms that prevent attacks. Innovations that are tightly integrated, cloud delivered and easy to deploy and operate. Secure the Enterprise aims at securing your front door to all of your clouds. When your applications shift to the cloud, you can rely on traditional network security to secure access.

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The inside-out approach of Prisma, from Palo Alto Networks. If you want to secure your journey to the Cloud, Prisma is the way to do it. It provides you with the most comprehensive cloud security in the industry, protecting users, applications, and data, regardless of their locations.

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If you want to empower enterprises with the best-in-class detection, investigation, automation and response capabilities, Cortex, from Palo Alto Networks, is the way to go. It offers the industry´s most comprehensive product suite for security operations.

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