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Secure the Enterprise

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Simplify your Enterprise Security

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Industry-defining enterprise security platforms that prevent attacks. Innovations that are tightly integrated, cloud-delivered, and easy to deploy and operate. Secure the Enterprise aims at securing your front door to all of your clouds. When your applications shift to the cloud, you can rely on traditional network security to secure access.

With Palo Alto Networks´ award-winning security you will have a safer and more secure enterprise that provides you with tightly integrated innovations and comprehensive protection needed to operate safely.

Zero Trust – Never trust, always verify

80% of data breaches are caused by someone you let in. Implementation of Zero Trust to help you protect your enterprise from the inside out. The concept of Zero Trust is a security approach designed in order to prevent and minimize security breaches on the networks by eliminating assumed trust in the digital world and focusing on preventing lateral movement. Trust is characterized as a vulnerability. Hence, you need to remove it to reduce the overall cybersecurity risk across your network, endpoints and the cloud.

Zero Trust minimizes risk and

  • Provide you with complete visibility into traffic all the way through Layer 7
  • Verify users, devices and applications
  • Delivers context-based everything
  • Consistently enforce policies across your networks, endpoints and cloud
  • Evolves dynamic along with business needs, user behavior and trends

Next-Generation Firewall

Palo Alto Networks´ Next-Generation Firewalls provide you with true, complete visibility everywhere, along with precise policy control. Enterprise security starts with your firewall. You need to move from legacy security to prevention-based architectures that will evolve coherently with your business. Palo Alto Networks has over 15 years of redefining network security with its industry-leading next-generation firewall, varying from physical appliances to virtualized firewalls and further with 5G-ready firewalls. 

Misconfiguration is the biggest problem for firewall breaches. Deploy a prevention-focused architecture to simplify and strengthen your security. It will help you maintain a consistently high-security level in which you will have the capabilities you need across all stages of an attack lifecycle.