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Secure the Future with Cortex from Palo Alto Networks

Secure the Future

Cortex – Fewer alerts, end-to-end automation, and smarter security operations

The Future of Enterprise Security Starts Here

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If you want to empower enterprises with the best-in-class detection, investigation, automation and response capabilities, Cortex, from Palo Alto Networks, is the way to go. It offers the industry´s most comprehensive product suite for security operations and the optimal way to secure the future. Cortex delivers 50 times reduction in alerts, 8 times faster investigations and automated responses.

The Cortex Vision

  • Prevent everything you can
  • Everything you can´t prevent, detect and investigate fast
  • Automate response and get smarter with each incident
Cortex use cases

Cortex products

Cortex XDR
The only prevention, detection and response platform in the industry, that runs entirely on integrated endpoints, networks, and cloud data.

Demisto is the industry´s leading platform for security orchestration, automation and response platform. With Demisto it is possible to standardize processes, manage alerts and automate actions for over 300 third-party products.

Cortex Data Lake
Enable Palo Alto Networks solutions by collecting, transform and integrate your enterprise security data.

The world´s highest fidelity threat intelligence with unrivaled context available to power up investigation, prevention, and response.