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Simplify, Automate & Protect the Enterprise Cloud

Everybody is talking about the Enterprise Cloud. The demand for Cloud Technology and Cloud Services are growing rapidly. More and more providers offer multiple solutions for Enterprise Cloud Business and the market is continuously evolving, and it has become even more crucial to invest your time and resources with the right partner, to de-risk your investment and avoid the pitfalls of on-boarding new technology.

RanTek Performance Day 2019 is the event where we will show you how RanTek, together with our Next Generation Technology Partners,  have enabled our customers to generate more value from data, reduce cost on existing IT assets and IT operations leading the way to enhanced agility and competitiveness.

Join us, and listen to our valued customers and experts sharing their experience with a  Simplified, Automated and Protected Enterprise Cloud.

With 20 years of experience bringing innovative solutions to market, we are experts in de-risking the adoption of new technology. We will manage the complexities on-boarding your new highly automated and simplified IT infrastructure.

RanTek Performance Day supports cancer-affected children in Denmark

Who Says Performance is all about IT?

Experience the synergy between High Performance IT and High Performance Supercars on the Race Track, all while taking social responsibility supporting the Child Cancer Foundation.

As part of RanTek’s CSR Strategy, we continuously support charitable purposes both inside and outside of Denmark. On RanTek Performance Day, we will support children affected by cancer in Denmark.

For each registration on RanTek Performance Day 2019 we donate DKK 500 (~USD 75) to “Sportscar Event”,  which is an annual event that is arranged solely to support cancer-affected children and all profits are donated to the Children’s Cancer Foundation. So when participating at RanTek Performance Day, you support this very important purpose, and at the same time you’ll get the chance to win a ride in a Ferrari, Lamborghini or another extraordinary sportscar at our VIP arrangement in May or June.



RanTek Performance Day, the biggest IT event of 2019

Time & Place

The event will be held as a Roadshow on two consecutive days in two different locations.


Date:             March 20th  2019

Time:            11:30 – 21:30

Place:           LegoHouse
Ole Kirks Vej 1, 7190 Billund


Date:             March 21st  2019

Time:            11:30 – 21:30

Place:           Carlsberg Museum (Dipylon)
                              Valby Langgade 1, 1799 Copenhagen V

RanTek Performance Day 2019 Technology Partners