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The transformation of enterprise networks. SD-WAN solutions are replacing traditional WAN’s

Rethink what’s possible with Riverbed SD-WAN


Software-defined WAN is quickly replacing traditional Wide Area Networks (WANs) as more enterprises realize the need to rethink networking for today’s cloud-centric world. SD-WAN simplifies the way networks are designed, deployed and managed. It also brings powerful capabilities that increase the efficiency and agility of IT teams.

With SD-WAN, many organizations have been able to:

  • Reduce MPLS costs
  • Simplify branch office networks
  • Improve application performance
  • Enhance network security

The transition to software-defined WAN is easier than you might expect because many SD-WAN devices can be installed without removing the existing network equipment. Also, the learning curve is shorter than for traditional WAN administration tools because SD-WAN is managed from a central console using a modern, graphical user interface.

Riverbed offers these SD-WAN advantages and more with our Cloud Networking portfolio.

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SD-WAN by Riverbed explained in just 4 minutes


Reducing MPLS costs with SD-WAN

  • Moving some or all traffic from MPLS to cost-effective roadband alternatives in a hybrid WAN configuration makes it easy to achieve cost savings.
  • Split traffic between low-cost and highly-available WAN links automatically based on business criticality.

SD-WAN simplifies branch office networks

  • Software-defined WAN is making it simpler to set up and manage networks at branch offices despite their growing complexity and a lack of onsite IT staff. With zero-touch, rapid deployment, almost anyone can plug in an SD-WAN gateway and watch as it is discovered, provisioned, and brought online.

SD-WAN improves performance 

  • Software-defined WAN combines traditional quality-of-service with the ability to steer the traffic of different applications and users onto appropriate paths. SD-WAN can also monitor the health of WAN links and automatically route traffic onto an alternate path when the primary path becomes congested.

SD-WAN enhances security in several ways 

  • SD-WAN can identify network traffic by source/destination, application, and users. Then it routes the traffic according to centrally-defined security policies that control access to zones and the Internet. SD-WAN gateways form connections between sites using VPN tunnels with advanced encryption.

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