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Rubrik – backup that’s simpler, faster and future-proof

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Legacy to new-age. On-prem to cloud. We have you covered. Build for today and tomorrow at your own pace. All with breakthrough simplicity, speed, and savings.

That means instant recoveries, hands-free management, automated workflows, easy cloud adoption, and hard dollars saved for other projects.

Rubrik is the fastest recovery on-prem to cloud. It’s a self-learning system built to index massive amounts of data while globally executing tasks in a fault-tolerant and efficient manner.

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Rubrik – One powerfully simple solution across your legacy, virtual and cloud-native applications



  • Easy to set up. Get up and running with automated discovery of your entire infrastructure.


  • Simple to scale. Start small, grow as you go without forklift upgrades.

Lower TCO

  • Reduce hard savings by 30-50% with the industry’s slimmest footprint.

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