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Cyber Readiness → Be prepared to handle any cyber attack! ←

Cyber Readiness

Be prepared to handle unexpected cyber events
Be prepared to handle unexpected cyber events

Why do you need to become Cyber Ready?

Traditional information security is failing organizations by rarely addressing the risks posed by their most critical asset: people.

Security awareness training has existed for decades—yet in all that time, it seems as if it hasn’t reached the level of effectiveness we hoped for. Sure, today there is more of a focus on the need and various compliance demands to create effective programs. But the figures representing the blatant failure of the field are frightening: anywhere from 35% to 80% of security breaches start with some kind of employee involvement, usually with the employees being unaware of it.

It’s not how much effort you’ve put into training employees, how fast your servers are or how up-to-date your software may be. Cybersecurity awareness programs often fail because readiness is what matters most.

The new approach

Cyber readiness is the state of being prepared to handle unexpected cyber events. Ultimately, it is achieved when people are adept at thwarting or minimizing the effect of an unexpected cyber attack.

CybeReady’s core solution takes a customized, three-fold approach to readiness: anti-phishing assessment, monitoring, and training. They send disguised emails using different attack scenario simulations (including both spray and spear phishing) to your employees on an ongoing basis. Employees’ reactions are tested using various methods and levels of deception.

CybeReady’s deep understanding and insight into the processes required to manage these risks has led to the development of a wide variety of methods, which we, alongside CybeReady, use to assist organizations in adopting information security best practices.


Gain valuable insight – CybeReady empowers you with visibility into what triggers your employees to act on phishing scams, which of your departments are most vulnerable, and other risk factors

Save time – With CybeReady, there are no indirect costs–travel or otherwise. We train your employees continuously, no set-up or logistical management required.

Know your weak points – With our monthly Cyber Readiness Report, you’ll gain insight into the way phishing specifically threatens your organization. This risk mapping report outlines any successful threat vectors, which we then use to create our readiness training.

Improve employee engagement – We’ll keep track of any employee who opens links in our disguised emails, and direct them to a customized, white-labeled landing page, which includes explanatory copy on the nature of the phishing attack and a short instructional video showing how to identify phishing emails in the future.

Success Stories

Quotation Mark

“CybeReady’s program runs on its own, which means that I don’t have to invest my time or that of my team in operating or configuring attacks.”

CybeReady Case Study – Healtcare Industry


Palo Alto Networks

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