Simplified IT

The better, more simple and secure alternative

Simplified IT

Break free from costly appliances for better security at a lower cost

Zscaler has more than 50% market share for Cloud Based Security solutions. Zscaler’s cloud security platform delivers the security and compliance you need without the cost and complexity of security appliances. There’s no hardware or software to deal with. And, because Zscaler is an integrated platform that aggregates threat intelligence to provide hundreds of security updates every day, it provides better protection than any appliance—or stack of appliances—ever could.

The challenge with the traditional approach

Another threat. Another box. With each new threat type, the standard IT countermeasure has been to deploy additional point products. And that is one of their fundamental problems.

Security appliances are discrete products that can only protect you based on what they see. Because they don’t talk to each other, they can’t correlate the information they’re gathering. That leaves you to do it, if you’ve got a few days to spare.

Another problem with appliances is that they were not designed to inspect encrypted traffic—they simply don’t have the processing power—so companies are left to choose between buying more boxes or leaving SSL traffic uninspected. With half of advanced threats hiding in SSL, it’s a risky compromise, but one that many companies are forced to make.

The better, more simple and secure alternative

Zscaler’s integrated cloud based security platform can do it instantly. Zscaler processes 30 billion requests a day across 100 data centers around the world and protects you from threats across many vectors. And when Zscaler detects a threat for any of our millions of users, we block it for every one of our users. In other words using Zscaler will simplify security.

The new approach

Zscaler’s multi-tenant cloud security platform delivers the highest level of security and compliance without the cost and complexity of security appliances.

With Zscaler, there is no hardware or software to purchase and manage and that saves you significant cost. You simply point your Internet-bound traffic to Zscaler, and it instantly begins inspecting every byte of traffic—all bytes, all ports, and all protocols, including SSL, for all users. And, because it’s built on a vast, global platform, there is no performance hit.


Simplified IT  no hardware or software to purchase or manage. IT staff is free to focus on more value-added tasks than updating signatures and maintaining boxes.

No compromises – full inline content inspection of all traffic—all bytes, all ports, and all protocols, including SSL.

Better security – uses real-time threat intelligence from a dozen different prevention techniques to stop known threats, prevent zero-day attacks, and predict new attacks using machine learning and behavioral analysis. Once a threat is detected from any of our 30 billion requests a day, it’s immediately blocked for every one of our users.

Real-time visibility –  instant access to all traffic logs on a global scale with the ability to drill down on threats by location and user for quick remediation. It can take hours or days to get this type of information from appliances, if at all.

Immediate policy enforcement – single policy definition point that immediately enforces any policy change worldwide on the very next web GET request. The context-aware policies follow the user and are enforced no matter where the user connects.

The Zscaler Cloud Security Platform – easy to set up, easy to manage and you save cost at the same time.

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