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Eliminate Storage Complexity And Minimize Costs

Enterprise IT is under unremitting pressure to reduce capital and operating expense, driving them to virtualize infrastructure to improve hardware utilization and scalability, and advance toward enhanced operational efficiency and flexibility. While virtualization has dramatically improved utilization of resources in the data center, the complexity of virtualized infrastructure gives rise to concerns around management overhead, application performance, data protection and availability and cost. Enterprises need future-proof IT solutions to help maximize the returns from their virtual server environments while advancing toward 100 percent data center virtualization.

The complexity of configuring, managing and tuning traditional storage for VMs is costly and, ultimately, must be addressed before broad-based virtualization can be deployed.

Flash storage has been a game-changer for many of today’s business critical applications. Flash can deliver orders of magnitude greater IOPS and performance than legacy hard disk drives (HDDs) and solutions are now available at price points that are comparable to HDDs, particularly when based on total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Secondary storage is a market with a much larger need for capacity than primary storage. 80% of all the data generated today qualifies for secondary storage. We can help you provide a single platform for secondary storage which is able to address the requirements of file services, backup systems, object storage, archive, dev/ops and analytics, while also tightly integrating this with the major cloud vendors.

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Analytics provides you with the insight into your environment from the storage layer into your applications. With next generation analytics, enterprises can improve business performance and reduce costs.

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RanTek enables you to start small and scale appropriately with linear performance and capacity. Enterprises shall quickly add (or remove) server and storage capacity one at a time to precisely meet business demands. With a modular and simple scalability, RanTek can help minimize upfront capital expenditures by eliminating the need to over-provision simply to ensure necessary capacity and performance for the future.

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