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Ensure maximal storage performance
Ensure maximal storage performance

Traditional storage systems only provide a performance view from a LUN, volume or file-system standpoint. Traditional storage cannot isolate Virtual Machine “VM” performance or provide insight into VM-level performance characteristics.

It is difficult for administrators to understand situations such as the impact of a new VM workload, without access to relevant VM performance metrics.

Our solutions visualize performance issues

Identifying the cause of performance bottlenecks is a time consuming, frustrating and sometimes inconclusive process that requires iteratively gathering data, analyzing the data to form a hypothesis and then testing the hypothesis.

In large enterprises, this process often involves coordination between several people and departments, typically spanning many days or even weeks. We can provide a complete, comprehensive view of VMs including end-to-end tracking and visualization of performance across the entire data center infrastructure. This ensures that administrators can procure the critical statistics they need.

The goal is to ensure that storage performance stays at acceptable levels with minimal latency. We help monitor every IO request at the vdisk and VM level and can determine if latency is being incurred at the hypervisor, network or storage levels. For each VM and vdisk stored on the system, enterprise IT teams can use the analytics provides by our solutions to instantly visualize where potential performance issues may exist, including on the host, network or storage. In an instant, administrators can see the bottleneck rather than trying to deduce where it is from indirect measurements and time-consuming detective work.

The hypervisor latencies are obtained using predefined APIs, while the network, file system, and disk latencies are provided by the solution insight modules, which knows the identity of the corresponding VM for each IO request.

Success Stories

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“I would absolutely recommend Tintri to other companies that need a high-performing, application-aware storage solution for their VMware environments. I don’t have the time to think about storage all day long. Tintri storage appliances have the VM-aware intelligence built in. With Tintri, I don’t need to worry about storage anymore.”

– Paul Newman, Manager of Global Network Architecture, Colorcon

Colorcon - Success story


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