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Scalability → Eliminate cost and Scalability limitations ←


Eliminate cost and scalability limitations
Eliminate cost and scalability limitations


By 2021, more than 80% of enterprise data will be stored in scale-out storage systems in enterprise and cloud data centers, up from 30% today.

Scale-out storage systems are growing fast and becoming a popular platform to tackle the unabated growth of unstructured data. With data growth exceeding 40% year over year in many enterprises, infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders are looking for extensible storage products that can address an increasing number of use cases with lower acquisition and operational costs.



  • Replace individual storage appliances with a scale-out & up platform
  • Ensure high-availability with no single point of failure
  • Scale performance and capacity linearly
  • Simplify capacity planning
  • Eliminate expensive forklift upgrades

Enterprises are demanding features and capabilities prevalent in big data cloud infrastructures, such as self-healing and ease of management. Software-defined storage (SDS), deployed on commodity hardware, is emerging as a threat to external controller-based (ECB) storage arrays in environments with a steep growth of unstructured data. Our storage vendors are continuing to develop scalable storage clustered file systems and object storage products to address cost and scalability limitations in traditional, scale-up storage environments.

Success Stories

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Nimble was able to provide more performance than our existing storage systems at just one-third of the price… We initially clustered the first two arrays together for data migration. Now that the migration project is complete, we have extra horsepower and capacity in reserve for any short-term projects or when we need to quickly accommodate future growth.”

– Tom Uva Chief Information Officer WYNIT Distribution

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