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The Human Experience by RanTek – The role of technology

The Human Experience by RanTek

It’s time to rethink possible!


– It´s time to listen to humanity.

The Human Experience

Technology, it’s time to listen to humanity. It’s time to put us at the center of your so-called digital transformation.

In today’s digital world, performance is critical and user expectations are higher than ever. If digital services crash, are slow or don’t satisfy user expectations, then customers leave, orders aren’t fulfilled, employee productivity is impacted, projects delayed – all while your business suffers.

Creating value to both existing and new customers as well as to partners is on top of our agenda. We know that people are the most important asset and the very foundation of our success. At RanTek the human experience is at the forefront of our solutions. Through automation and the newest market-leading technologies, we make it possible for our customers to generate more value from data, reduce cost on existing IT-assets and IT-operations that lead the way to increased agility and improved competitiveness.

We believe that the role of technology should serve humans and not the other way around.

The Human Experience Cycle

The Human Experience Cycle
  • Expectations: What a person anticipates will happen during an experience.
  • Experiences: What actually happens to a person during an interaction.
  • Perceptions: How a person views an experience based on their expectations.
  • Attitudes: How someone feels about the organization.
  • Behaviors: How a person choses to interact with an organization.

The overall aim → Align your efforts and activities around the cycle and constantly enhance it in order to increase the customers Expectations and Experience and ultimately their Behavior.